Our creative photo

Street Photographs can be anything we took on the street. There are many different ideas and different definitions. It may be beautiful or , it may be ugly, or it may be bad and good or fun whatever. According to how we understand Street Photography, it is many things.

Depending on the style of the Photographer, a Street Photo can be Artistic, or Rude. A Street Photo can be Amazing, Boring, Full of people or devoid of people. So there are many styles of Street Photos out there. The goal of this Type of Street Photography is to produce amazing, beautiful, artful shots that can be hung on a wall and enjoyed by people.

Some Photographer’s main focus and the main elements is Architecture and Interior Design of a building, a hall, light and shadows.

The Street Photographer must be really fast, must know his camera amazingly well, must be prepared constantly and must have a camera strapped around the neck always. Some types of photos happen around us all day, but only the fast eye can see them before they happen.

Street photographer must have ability that managed to capture the most amazing moments that existed for the smallest amounts of time and were invisible to normal people. The Smart Street Photographer, never stops looking, never stops shooting. We used to travel to the streets of Singapore, Yangon, Kuala Lumpur, Meleka, Tokyo, Dubai, Tunis and streets of some European countries and etcetera., etcetera.

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