EAGLE EYE, (nickname) is a respected male Hobbyist photographer based in Myanmar. He has a keen sense for proportion, balance, and structure to a photograph. He wanted the opportunity to think creatively and collaborate with different kinds of photography allows him to do both . Eagle Eye, himself as an Engineer, he got many chances to explore Middle East region where his employer has projects. Later his family works as government services and he accompanied them across the world with his camera to places as far as France, Italy, Belgium and China.


This photographer may be fresh on the photography community in Myanmar, but her photos would make people believe otherwise. “Swedaw Phyu” starting taking photos since 2010. Her interest was quite unique, however, and now she finds herself learning more and more every day about her newly-discovered craft. She loves trying and testing new things and techniques. The more and more she photographs things, the more she realizes how powerful this particular medium is. She says this is why she can’t stop taking photographs. This freelance photographer is based in the city of Yangon, and she shoots a range of subjects. She’s working as Executive Secretary of a giant Construction Company.

kyaw zin moe

A selection of photographs exhibited at the Yangon Photo Festival hosted by European Union. Photo-story workshop together with well-known French photographer Mr.Xtophe Loviny. Throughout much of my adult life, I’ve been travelling, seeking adventure. Photography became a great excuse to look deeper and to make my experiences more intense. I usually find my subjects by chance, while I travel. But, I’m particularly drawn to nature and adventure which are still surviving and evolving. My main goal as a photographer is to create the kinds of images which combine a strong sense of story and convey what it felt like to be the one in the places I visited.

Peppy Peony

I was born in Yangon, capital of Myanmar (Burma), and am currently based in Singapore. My very first pictures I took was at my teenage while visiting Middle East with SONY Cyber-shot W7 father’s camera. My father was an amateur photographer himself at that time and he created some digital photo albums covering family life with my mother and brothers. When I was looking through these albums that I felt how amazing memories were like. So, photography for me is so much more than ‘just pictures’. Through these experiences from my early twenties, photography has a certain ‘mystic’ for me, which I hope to be my own as well.

In 2010 I moved to Singapore and took up a study of Business at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Aside of studying and photography my greatest passion is travel so I am at my happiest whilst exploring the great outdoors and seeking to capture the beauty of our world on camera.

Lay san

I loved taking Photographs. It allows us to create images of events, times, and places. The Photo records allow us to share with friends and family digital or permanently with prints. Those memories become part of our history, not just stories passed down through the generations – but images as well. With a camera there are so many opportunities to do new, interesting, and fun things too. I travelled mostly Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. Sometimes to Japan as well.

I used to go out of the house, walking about, or even hiking or travelling reasonable distance getting into photography. For landscapes I have to go to where the landscape scenes are, and that often means some form of exercise too. Photography has elevated my imagination senses and also patience level as I have to wait long for a good and right capture. The more I learn, the more I love it and this is one hobby that I am truly in love with and that which I enjoy the most.