Birds Photography

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Birds are everywhere. You may even have a bird in your neighborhood. The most critical technical issue is to get close. If you’re patient, you’re in luck. No matter how close you get, it’s rarely close enough. That doesn’t really qualify as “wild.”

Use Nikon’s Continuous AF (AF-C) mode while shooting Birds in Flight. These modes let the cameras track moving subjects. Set your camera to use all the focus sensors. In Nikon this is the Dynamic AF Area Mode, whose icon is a box in the middle with little dots all around it. These modes let the camera use different AF sensors as the bird flies around in your frame.

Bird photography, especially wild bird photography can be quite challenging. After several years of photographing birds, I decided to post photograph of birds to guide everything I know about taking good pictures of birds. If you like birds and just want to be able to approach and watch them closely, first look at this section.

The bird photographers will recommend you 200-400mm, 400mm, 500m, 600mm or 800mm lenses, preferably with optical stabilization + teleconverters. Actually there are several third party lens options. For example Tamron and Sigma produce superb telephoto zoom lenses that are wonderful for bird photography. Tamron’s 150-600mm VC G2 is excellent and if you prefer Sigma, you have two options – the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary and the 150-600mm Sport. Most of my Birds Photographs are taken with Tamron’s 150-600mm.

Our favourite Birding spots are Kuala Gula Birds Sanctuary – Malaysia, Sungai Bulo Wetland Reservation – Singapore, Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary – Myanmar, Moe Yun Gyi Inn Wildlife Park – Myanmar, Pulao Pankor Island – Malaysia and Kuala Selangor river Mangrove Forest etcetera.

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